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STOP PRESS …. Another milestone. You’ve now topped 7,400 visits to this blog, thanks to members of the groups engaged with experiential learning, KM, decision-making, HR, and IT. This inspiring tally surely helps to confirm that corporate amnesia is truly the invisible hand of an unintended consequence that is knocking the stuffing out of our productivity, ROI and wealth.

 Curing the Alzheimer effect

What it shows is how, no thanks to the short tenure workplace, we’re giving ourselves the business equivalent of Alzheimers – when employers, literally, lose their memory. To solve the problem, organizations need to efficiently capture their valuable institution-specific knowledge before it walks out of the front door and then know best how to re-apply it to the ever-changing circumstances of today and tomorrow’s workplace. It’s a precise skill that, surprisingly, is still untaught, leaving many business decisions to other employers’ experience and little more than intuition, untested judgment, political expediency, subjective thinking, experimentation and delay. Learning how to learn using a new employer’s tried-and-tested practice, whether it was successful or unsuccessful, is a way of not having to expensively reinvent the wheel every time a replacement walks into your swing doors.

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